Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What is Your Favourite Card? Why?

If you collect, you MUST have a favourite card, right? Not having a favourite card is like not having a favourite Aunt, it just doesn't make sense. All jokes aside, a favourite card of any sport you collect seems to be a necessity for many collectors.

We don't just have favourite cards for the heck of it. They have their own category of "favourite card" for a reason. Maybe it's because of the card's value. That may be one of the less interesting reasons but it's there. Usually there is more depth than value when it comes to having a favourite card. As we all know, people really like their money, but I think there is more to it with a favourite card. Could it be the memories it holds with it? That could be a serious contender with the vast options of why we have favourite cards. There are so many reasons....

For me, "memories" has to be the topic for my favourite card. Right next to "tradition".

I have a tradition with my brother..... Every Christmas my brother and I buy each other loads of awesome cards. We each spend well of $100 on each other. This event is not taken lightly. Then, on Christmas morning, we unload our cards on each other while exchanging gifts. There is nothing quite like it. This year, as one of my gift's, I received this beauty......

This baby brings back some awesome memories of Christmas..... But enough about me. What about you? I want to see what you guys have to say and show!

What is your favourite card? Why?


Anonymous said...

My favorite card would have to be my 11 12 contenders RPA /100 of Mika Zibanejad. This would have to be my favorite card because:
1.It's of my PC player
2.He plays on my favorite team.
3.It's worth a bit of money.
4.I got it from NothinButHockeyCards.:)


Anonymous said...

I have a few favourite cards two of my most favourite have to be my 10/11 sp authentic sidney crosby chirography auto /50 and my 10/11 ultimate achivements steve yzerman auto /25 they are my favourites because i have two autos of two of the best ambassaders and players of the game of hockey

Anonymous said...

my favorite card would have to be my jiri hudler rookie puck auto card. it does not book for alot but its worth alot to me because thats what started my collecting and it is my favorite player in the nhl so thats why it is my favorite card.

Anonymous said...

My favourite card is Nicklas Lidström Authentic Fabrics jersey because he is retired and played my favourite team and he is a legend.

Anonymous said...

I would say my 2 best cards are my superlative volume 3 jersey and auto of Joe Sakic and my Gabriel Landeskog The Cup gold RPA numbered to his jersey number. Both came from 2nd and the 1st most expensive products I ever bought, but they both paid off, luckily.