Monday, 29 April 2013

Why Do You Collect?

So here we are, all together doing one thing, collecting. Now, there is so much more to it and the community but why? Why do I take in these pieces of cardboard and treasure them? Is there a point?

Maybe it's for moments like this:

................... or is there a little more to it?

I have been in this hobby for a while, on and off, but I do question "why" every now and then. But here I am, the hobby always draws me back.

Not only is it just fun to get some cool cards but you find yourself getting lost in learning so many new things. Who is valued higher? Who is collected? What are products? There is so much to learn and it is intriguing. Every day you live in the card-collecting-world you learn more and more and you don't even know it. Maybe that is what keeps you into collecting......

Maybe you just love seeing those pretty cards and think to yourself "I want that". Or maybe you just want to have something with sentimental value. There are so many "maybe's" and too little answers. Is there an answer or is it something we all do for our own reasons?

Please do tell me what you believe and why you collect........


Dylan Moffatt said...

I Collect because it's a great hobby, always meet new people and can even make new friends!
It's also awesome to get a piece of your favorite player's jersey/stick if you can't ever get the chance to meet your favorite player!

Jeremie Webb said...

I collect because of my 1st tin of 08-09 or 9-10 ovation, k1llaproject convinced me! I also love the sports. Once I found out u can pull memorabilia and autos in or on the card then I was astonished and escited! It is also a great hobby. So it is a great way to do something about my favourite sport and not be bored!!!


Anonymous said...

I started collecting when I was about 8. My dad you used to collect and he really got me in the hobby from buying packs from 7-Eleven for me and my brother. At first I just tried to collect as many different players as possible but just recently (about a year ago) I stumbeled upon chri5784. I had no idea that you can get such great cards from the hobby. Then I started to look around on YouTube for collectors. Then I met you and that got me started with my own account. I know this doesn't really answer the question, but mainly I've always just loved the sport and the hobby


Anonymous said...

FRhockey28: I collect for the PC! Its awesome to try and find all the cards of a single player that you enjoy to watch. Now that being said I also love the fact of having a jersey, stick, etc. of any player that you love watching or look up to. What keeps me "in the game" so to speak, is the thrill of the hunt! Looking for that 1/1 or whatever it may be of your PC player or player that you love to watch is the best feeling, and when you find the card, well its even better!