Wednesday, 19 June 2013


We all know him. He’s famous to cardboard collectors. His name… is Luke. Otherwise known as BlackSheep217.  The guy is pretty cool. Actually, he is so cool that I’m spending my study break writing a review on him. No, I am not trying to be creepy. I just think we should come to appreciate Luke a little more. Not that we don’t, but we should really show it, which is what brings me here today.

Luke has a vast majority of topics, if you will. He makes all sorts of videos spanning from mail days, to reviews. Yup, he does it all. But what puts him over the top? Is it his famous black sheep? Or is it his cute little drawings of the black sheep….

Perhaps there is a little more to it. Maybe it’s because all of his giveaways. Don’t forget the box breaks. Possibly is happy spirit. Or maybe it is because he does everything because he wants to. He gives constantly. You don’t see him ever ask for anything in return. He simply gives. That is a hard character trait to establish and Luke just so happens to have it nailed down. I think that is what appeals to the audience the most. We
view at him as a collector to look up to. We all need one of those. We know his collection is amazing, so there is a lot to look up to. But he doesn’t rub it in your face. He shares it with you.

So I want to say thanks, Luke. Thanks for being an awesome fellow collector.

Check out his channel here
Don't forget to see his blog

This was written by Riley (NothinButHockeyCards)
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