Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My Hobby-Life Day #1

So I get home from school and it is now time to relax and check that mail box. I got one package with some pretty cool cards which I will be showing off soon. I step inside and remember, the new Rookie Anthology was released today. That's right, despite the lockout, Upper Deck and Panini still try to release products after what seems to be months! Anyhow, I check out the product on my computer and it looks pretty good. Time to take a trip up to my local card shop. But first, what I got in the mail:

Not bad... right? I thought it was pretty good!

Onward with my afternoon in the hobby life. I go to my local card shop to get myself a pack of Fleer Retro and Rookie Anthology. I am on a tight budget so I got just one of each. I had always wanted to try Fleer Retro although it is quite pricey. I'd say I did alright.

Here are the packs:

Fleer Retro

Rookie Anthology

I found this pack interesting since I got two rookies of the same player....
Even funnier, one card is updated and states that he currently plays for Chicago, and the other is lacking stating he plays for Boston.

Anyways.... overall, I'm not complaining. Two packs, four hits. Not bad at all.

It's only Three O'Clock in the afternoon and I am already burning this hobby up!

Thanks for the look and as always, comments are much appreciated!

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how far is your lcs away from your house?