Wednesday, 8 May 2013

After the Expo

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog on NothinButHockeyCards' website! 

If you don't know my names Dylan Moffatt I'm from 2 YouTube channels DMoffattHockeyTimes and I have a comedy channel called DylanMoffattTV. I was asked by Riley if I wanted to join his site and help out and I was honored to be able to. 

But most of you know that this weekend was the Expo in Toronto and it's a must attend event if you're a major collector. I was able to make it out to my first one and was I ever excited! There was a ton of people, and even better HOCKEY CARDS! 

Now you're probably wondering what I got for cards, well I'm not going to show all of them but If you have me on Facebook (My name's Moffatts Hockey Cards) you would of seen I posted them all but I will show some of the higher-end stuff! 

Here's just a taste of what I got : 

Thanks for reading, hope you all liked my first post and hope you all can check out my videos on YouTube and add me on Facebook! 

This was written by Dylan Moffatt 

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