Thursday, 2 May 2013

Best Product of the Year [2012-Now (May 2013)]

There wouldn't be much of a Hobby without hockey or any sport products. Today we will talk about hockey products in particular. If you have another sport product that strikes you as awesome, put it down!

Now as we all know, the NHL had a lockout at the near-end year of 2012 and beginning of 2013. Therefore many products and rookies have been delayed for next year, if you will. But that hasn't stopped some products. They have kept on their feet and delivered. One product that comes to mind would be 12-13 Artifacts. I love this product. Who doesn't like the excitement of getting a patch? This was a product during the lockout. There were many awesome products that came out before the lockout. Some that come to mind would be; Prime, Dominion, Rookie Anthology, SP Authentic, and for the price, Contenders. Of course there are some to forget too.

If I had to pick my very favourite product from 2012 to today it would have to be.....

12-13 Artifacts

The winner is Artifacts. There are so many reasons for it. Where do I start....... Well out of the three boxes I have busted of it, 2 for me, 1 for a group break, I have pulled a Jordan Eberle Patch/Tag 2/2, a Rookie Auto Redemption XII, and who can forget the Kovalchuk Patch/Tag/Auto 1/1?  I'd say I've done pretty well. Wouldn't you? Not only that, but this product is decent to buy by-the-pack and by-the-box. By this I mean, if you buy a pack, you are guaranteed to get something. I like my odds there. Then, if you buy a box, the odds are you are going to get something good like a patch or something even better. It is very exciting.

Another thing that I love about this product is the value. You can get it for no more than $100. Now, it's not like we all have $100 sitting around but it is no $500 The Cup now is it? I'd say the value is very good not to mention there are 1/1's in this product along with many other short-printed cards. Just these reasons above sum this product up to be a keeper. At least in my eyes. What do you guys think? What is your favourite product?

Just for good measure.......

This was written by Riley (NothinButHockeyCards)
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