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Pack Attack #2 (12-13 Artifacts)


In this series I will be giving away FREE cards in each and every episode. How do you get your hands on these free cards? It's simple. I pick a product for each episode and write about the it. I will then show a card I got in a pack(s) from the specific product and tell the story behind it. I am asking you to read my review and make one of your own through your response. 

I am looking for creative responses with good stories. It is not so much about the card but the awesome story behind it. I don't care if it is a base card, although a patch or something may get you some brownie points. It's the story that really matters. 

Pictures are encouraged 

Whoever gives the best response will win a free card from the product that is featured in the episode.  

Ready. Set. Read and respond! 



If you watch my videos or know me at all, you understand how I feel about the product Artifacts... I love it!

Even the base cards are gorgeous. Well, besides the fact that you can't read the player's name on the card. But look at it this way, it tests your knowledge of identifying players. However, the design really disintegrates the hate you may have for the unreadable names. I mean this in the way that the design is so nice, you couldn't really care less about the names. Maybe that is just how I feel. The base design along with almost every other set in the product has a sort of shattered glass back round. I think this really makes the card pop, but in the same way, stay contained. It isn't too much on the eyes, but enough to intrigue you. Overall, I am very fond of the design.

The best part of Artifacts must be its beautiful patches. There are also some amazing sets. I mean, who doesn't like all the 1/1 sets in this product? The triple tag, the dual tag, and the patch/tag/autograph. You can get the black auto that is limited to five. You can even get black base cards. Clearly, the sets in this product are also a strong point.

If I haven't expressed my love for this product enough than I must bring up the players that are in the product. It has a lot of highly collected players such as Hall, Eberle, Seguin, Crosby, Stamkos and of course, Gretzky. The players play a huge roll in the awesomeness of this product.

Pack Attack

My pack attack pull came from a box I opened. The story is pretty funny. I had always loved Artifacts and wanted a box of my own. Here is one card I pulled.... Oh and it's a 1/1.....

I was originally going to use the box in a group break but no one would join. As disappointed as I was, (granted I wasn't too disappointed) I just had a great feeling about the box. So I asked the guys on blog with me if they thought I should keep the box for myself. After all, I had always loved the product and never had a box before. They all insisted I opened it. I decided I would. I went upstairs on the couch with my brother and opened it. Then I opened a pack, it was thick. The thick card was no decoy. No sir. So I took a peek and there was black on the card. Now I was really excited. I told my brother to grab the camera and we ran to my room. He started recording and..... well, I will let you see the rest......

Yup, pretty embarrassing but it was fun!

That is my story. I hope you enjoyed and let's hear yours!


I have to show a video of the runner-up card....

The winners will be determined on June 1 2013

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This was written by Riley (NothinButHockeyCards)
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Anonymous said...

I personally love artifacts! Ive pull sooooo many amazing cards from the product! Im addicted to the product lol.


Anth Vent said...

I've never bought a box but when I went to my LCS one day there was a kid (11-13 years old) about to bust a box. My LCS sells artifacts for 120 no tax so pretty expensive, but when I saw what he got!

Jersey of grezky
Rookie of krieder
Jimmy Howard patch /125
Black base /5 of Ron fransis
And the best card was an autofacts of bobby orr

The orr was in the last pack though so he was freaking out. Not the average box but shows what you could get

simon anctil said...

hi i love atrtifact aswell there my favorite but about 5 months ago i bought a box of 2012-2013 artifacts and on my first pack i open i got an anze kopitar jersey patch gold spectrum and i just went crazy because they look so good.

thanks for reading my comment and u have a great channel cant wait to see the winner !

simon anctil

Hockey Card Reviewer said...

In my 2nd box of artifacts I had received for christmas, I had a box of artifacts. While opening, I had kept all the hits to last. I had 4 jersey sized cards, and no autograph. That got me excited. I found out that I had pulled the JSY AU /12 of brent seabrook from team canada! I have since traded it to you, riley! I thank you again for that deal as it has helped my Gardiner PC! Thanks for the contest :)

SJSharkzz3 said...

Since getting back into collecting about 2 years ago I have busted about 45 Hobby Boxes, 15 of which were Artifacts, not to mention all of the loose packs of Artifacts! Out of those I have hit some very memorable Cards, like Rookies of Seguin,Hall,Eberle, 10/11 was the year that intrigued me into Artifacts the most, I loved the product and hit so many sweet Patches and Cards from it! 11/12 was not my favorite year for Artifacts as I didn't open as much because I was leaning more towards Panini's Cards but I wished I would have opened more, but 12/13 was great, I didn't have the best luck on my own boxes, got an Auto Rookie Redemption and some nice Patches but nothing huge, then I joined Pack Wars at my LCS and won the Yakupov #1 Auto Redemption! And since then I have picked up a Getzlaf Patch/Tag/Auto 1/1! I love Artifacts and I think that year in year out is one of the top 3 products released, might sound weird but if I had $500 and I had to choose between 5 boxes of Artifacts and a tin of The Cup, I would probably go with Artifacts, just a solid product, thanks for another great review Riley! ---SJSharkzz3---

Hockeycardfan44 said...

It was Christmas morning, I have just received a a box of Artifacts. I was really excited because I have never opened a box of Artifacts before but I knew of some of the crazy hits that were inside. I started out pulling PC card after PC card and I was insanely happy. With two packs to go I saw a thick card so I put it to the side for the end. Then as well in the last card there was a thick card. By this point I was shaking. I slowly removed the cards away from the thick cards and these two were hiding..

Best Christmas Ever!

Josh said...

The best card I got from 12-13 Artifacts was pulled in a box break by you. It was a Tuukka Rask jersey patch /75. When I was Watching the video I was screaming with excitement.

AAHMADAK74U said...

I always did love Artifacts but after my birthday it is my favourite hockey product ever! On my birthday I got a lot of Hockey Boxes, I got a Certified, Score, ITG Heroes and Prospects and Artifacts which I was most anticipated for of course. My cousin who was a fellow card collector was at my birthday so I let him choose 1 pack from 1 box. He chose an Artifacts pack. I thought to myself I just lost a hit because his pack was thick and I mean thick. So I started opening every box 1 by 1 leaving Artifacts until the end. The only major hit from those 3 boxes was a Scott Glennie Freshman Fabrics Auto /50 (Blue). So I finally come to the last box. I told my cousin to open his pack first he went through it and then right there he got a Gold Spectrum Patch of Logan Couture /15. He started jumping for joy. But while he was half-crying half-laughing I started opening my Artifacts and at the second last pack I got (DrumRoll Please) An Autofacts (nothing big) of Mario Lemieux. And started laughing so hard because Mario Lemieux was my cousin's only PC player. And to this day I have never shown him my Mario Lemieux card. (Shhhhh Don't tell him.) rkesler101

Austin Heath said...

Great stories! And that Kovy is one of the sickest cards pulled out of this year's Artifacts. My story is short, but interesting: I got a box of Artifacts from my grandparents for Christmas (3rd year in a row, started with 10-11 Artifacts) and opened it with my cousin. We're opening the packs and he sees the card and, not knowing much about hockey, asks "Is this good?" He pulled a Markus Naslund Dual Jersey/Autograph /12. Then I pull an Ovy/Semin Dual Jersey. So most of the break was made with two cards. Needless to say, I was pretty impressed. I have greatly desired another box since, and plan on buying one hopefully soon. Thanks for the contest, good luck all!

capsfan2212 said...

here's my story about a week before my birthday may 25th this year my sister said she would get me a box of 12-13 artifacts. She was getting paid thurs. two days before but she doesn't have direct deposit so she said I would have to wait 5 business days until I could get it.

I was pretty sad but on my birthday morning we were having pancakes and I took my plate to the sink and when I came back there was a newspaper on my place mat with something under it I slid the paper off and I yelled it was artifacts which I had been wanting for almost a year at the time.

I saved all the memorabilia cards until the end and I got a cody eakin louis leblanc dual jersey card, a Matt duchene jersey patch emerald /75, and my last card that I pulled was the best which is a louis leblanc patch tag black /5 to see the pictures enter in this link below

Ian hansma said...

on my birthday i bought artifacts and pulled the oilers rookie redemption and the rookie auto redemption # 13, I was crapping my pants haha. and ever since that i bought so many boxes and jioned my first group break in artifacts and i pulled a lindros dual patch auto /3.. so i spent like 700 $ just on artifacts alone, I would say im the top three artifacts busters 1. mastermax 2. pezcore and 3. i think is me lol and i might bust mre this week maybe, anyways great blog Riley

Ian hansma said...

btw its ReimerFan from youtube and cnc

Anonymous said...

cole, that's obsessive.

Anonymous said...
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habsfans1996 said...

One day I went to walmart and when I saw the new artifacts of course I bought a box. At my home, I decied to open it with my brother, I knew in the walmart boxes there is a lot of bases cards, but it doesn't really matter, cause even they are bases, they are beautiful ! So yah, I opened the box and in my first pack I got a redemption for the Phoenix Coyotes, I was happy, cause it was my 1st lifetime redemption. So since this box I buy a lot of thoses cards. That's it for my story, really nice blog by the way !

ryannturnaa said...

The first hobby pack I ever bought of Artifacts was a success. It was 2011? Anyways it was 11-12 Artifacts and back then I never liked buying hobby packs of this stuff. I just bought retail, which as we all know sucks to the extreme. I bought a blaster and I guess you can say I lucked out by getting a Clark Gilles legends /999. Well the first hobby pack I ever bought I think cost $15. I was like "holy shit, I can't believe I paid $15 for this one pack of cards." It was absurd to me at the time. But this was the same time I discovered box breaks on youtube, of people busting their shit for people to see... so i knew of the potential, and why it's so expensive. And low and behold, I scored a jersey card! Of Milan Hejduk! One of the players i wanted! It was a monumental moment because I popped my cherry for purchasing hobby packs and it opened my eyes to how awesome the payoff is sometimes. Now I bust an awful amount of shit and post it on youtube for your enjoyment! Peaaace!